Formal letters are scary???

No matter what kind of job you are doing, formal letters and emails are something that you have to always deal with.In this post I’ll tell you all how you can write a business letter easily.

1.Address: People get confused with where to mention sender’s address and where the receiver’s address should go. Just keep everything left aligned . Both the address should begin with sender’s and receiver’s name followed by their address and at end of sender’s address mention date.Sender’s address should be first written then the receiver’s address.

2.Keep it simple: Never use fancy or very complex word until and unless you are very sure of your writing skills and grammar. Try keeping the body of the letter short and crisp.

3.Subject:Never forget mentioning the subject saying the main purpose of writing letter.It should never extend more than 7-8 words.It’s better to keep it limited to 5-6 words.

4.Main body of letter:Address the person to whom you are writing letter as Dear Mr. (surname)_____ or Dear Mrs.____.If you have no idea about the female to whom you addressing letter is married or not just use Dear Ms.___.Never address anyone as respected sir or respected madam as taught in many Indian schools. Divide the body of letter into 2-3 paragraphs where each para has at least 4-5 lines expressing your purpose of writing the letter in your first para. Never use any personal dialogues in your letter like how are you? or its been a long time .Just directly mention why you are writing this letter and don’t use sugar coated words.

5.Closing the letter:At the end use words like ” Your’s faithfully” or “Your’s sincerely” and again keep it left aligned to avoid confusion followed by your signature.Do mention your name beneath your signature .

Published by Swetha

I am currently pursuing my B.E. in computer science and really into reading and writing.Currently working on building up one's communication skills,helping people know about Business English and it's use especially in India.

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