Your resume is your first impression!

Writing a resume can sometimes be scary especially if you are a fresher.There is a slight difference between a resume of a fresher and a resume that belongs to an experienced person.In this post I’ll tell you how a fresher’s resume can standout even if you don’t have much experience to put in your resume.


  1. Mention your full name at the top most left hand side of your page whereas your contact information will go to topmost right hand side.Mention your email id,phone number,address,your Skype id so that officials overseas can contact you.

2. Give a professional summary on what is your major and how skilled are you in technical stuff or if u have done any special course that might help you to get the job do mention it before itself as you summary is the first thing that will get noticed by the reader.

3. A fresher should always mention your education before experience and do mention it in a tabular format.Mention your 10th and 12th grades along with the name of the institute you passed out from and year of passing.For your college related information if you have graduated then mention your cg pa or else go for GPA of the last semester exam you gave.

4.Experience section for fresher’s is a nightmare as many of us don’t have any idea what to actually write in this section.It’s absolutely fine if you don’t have any job experience just mention if you have done any internships before,all the projects done by you, any technical competitions or seminars you have conducted or attended.Even if you have no job experience, companies still recruit people who have basic knowledge and skills required to get into that respective company.

5.Skills come next where you can mention your technical as well as non technical skills. Later under sub division of hobbies or your interests you can mention what you like to do and do mention if you have done any social welfare activity ,even if you used to take tuition do mention it as it shows your dedicated towards something.

NOTE: There are many free resume templates available and if your choosing any one of them the order of all above mentioned points may vary.Just make sure all those points are present in your resume and your not missing something.

Published by Swetha

I am currently pursuing my B.E. in computer science and really into reading and writing.Currently working on building up one's communication skills,helping people know about Business English and it's use especially in India.

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