First day of work!!!

As the saying goes “first impression is the best impression”,some people might think it’s rude to judge someone without knowing them completely which is true but it doesn’t actually imply in our work field.Among thousands of people you must be one of them who got your dream job and will you be willing to leave this golden opportunity? NO,grab this opportunity with both your hands and create a best impression on your first day itself because it takes so many years to study hard and get employed and few minutes to create a bad impression in front of your officials.


(DO NOT BE LATE. This is something everyone knows,reach your destination at least 10 mins prior than expected time)

1.What to wear? I know you must be very happy that you got your dream job and you want to look very pretty on your first day but too much of anything is dangerous.Men and women both are supposed to wear a formal attire and please avoid wearing anything which has too much bling.For ladies,if you are someone who love looking presentable do put on simple makeup without too much of blush and dark lipstick.

2.What to carry? It’s safe to ask your HR before itself about what documents are you expected to carry on your first day.Do carry extra photo copies, any important documents you are supposed to submit and so on. Do not forget anything or else your officials will think that you are irresponsible.

3.Avoid gossiping: People tend to mess up by thinking gossiping with your colleagues about any rumors in office or about your boss might help them increase their connections.Office gossiping, especially on your first day is a big NO as people might judge you on your thinking.You must be having no idea about your colleagues and these gossiping might get you in trouble.Kindly leave that spot where you think that people might ask you about your opinion in these gossips or just say politely that you have nothing to say.

4.Get to know your colleagues:Although gossiping is a no,you can still make your connections in office.Prepare a small introduction about yourself and you can ask your colleagues about their job roles or what is your job and your responsibilities but don’t get personal at all.Keep a smile on your face and be confident.Do try spending your lunch or coffee breaks with your colleagues and don’t be very stiff,your body language is important.

5.Do your homework: Before going to office do some research about the company and their employees,what they expect from their employees,who are all the higher officials in the organization and so on. It will always help you and do keep taking notes while you are at your office so that it becomes easy for you to learn everything quickly.Go through your notes once you reach home and get ready for the next day.

NOTE: Every organization works on the basis of their own set of rules so it would be great if you know and follow those rules effectively.Avoid using any sugar coated words with your officials for impressing them because most of the time it will turn upside down.Avoid being too excited or too nervous and be cool.

Published by Swetha

I am currently pursuing my B.E. in computer science and really into reading and writing.Currently working on building up one's communication skills,helping people know about Business English and it's use especially in India.

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