Learn public speaking skills from Adolf Hitler.

One day I was wondering from where did Business English and public speaking originated? When I researched about public speakers and its origination I found out public speaking is not something new in the society.From the ancient period,during the reign of Kings and Queens,all the ministers in their court were renowned public speakers.Each one of them used to share their ideas about their kingdom,made suggestions in the court having around 15-20 people easily.I don’t think they took any special Business English training but still managed to excel always.Similarly today’s post is about a very famous personality in history named Adolf Hitler.

We all know about him and his famous speeches but what actually made Hitler a great public speaker?

1 Hitler was skilled in public speaking.I noticed that Hitler actually never had any kind of notes while delivering his speech.He had his speech in his mind and never carried a piece of paper to look or even revise before his speech.This made him famous as he was different from politicians at that period of time.People were fascinated with the kind of words he used and he never trusted anyone with his speech so he used to always deliver a speech on his own without anyone’s help.

2. Before beginning his speech he always made an eye contact with his audience. One look was enough to show how dedicated and serious he was about the speech he was going to deliver.I know most of his speeches where aggressive and against humanity but his tactics to attract audience is appreciative.Although when we deliver speeches we don’t have to be so strict or keep an angry face like he had,we can always modify one’s skills and tactics for our own needs,in our own way,for our own benefits right?

3. Hitler’s stern look,body language and appearance always helped him to convince his audience and made them to follow his path.He had a pattern set for delivering his speech which goes like this – after making eye contact with audience,he starts his speech by not being very aggressive,having a normal tone,after around 5 mins when its the correct time, he turns up his volume,uses all kind of aggressive words which also turned his audience aggressive,he always made sure to look at his audience reaction and accordingly continued talking,whenever he was talking about victory or their glory he lifted his hand up high showcasing their power which naturally lead to loud cheers by audience,his sudden change in tone of speech,hand gestures and facial expressions were his real strength and power.

3. He used to practice non stop in fact Hitler always tested the place where he was going to deliver speech later by facts like how loudly or softly he should speak,the room’s environment,lighting, where the audience will be settled and so on.His personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann shared few photos of Hitler which were taken when Hitler asked him to take his pictures with certain poses to know how impactful those will look if he tried them while delivering his speech.Few are here-

4. A successful public speaker always leaves his/her impact and how it’s done is by using magical phrases and quotes like Hitler did such as “Do not compare yourself to others. If you do so, you are insulting yourself” or “If freedom is short of weapons, we must compensate with willpower” which were and still are renowned all over the world.Nowadays it’s really hard to find a speaker who uses his/her own imagination to create such quotes that gets stuck in people’s mind.Even if audience don’t pay attention to your entire speech,quotes by you will attract their attention towards you and if they like it they surely will follow it.

I know many of y’all don’t really like Hitler because of how brutally he used his awesome skills in a wrong way and manipulated people badly but as my mom says learn good skills from others no matter if you like or hate them personally,you should never hate one’s skills. Hitler’s skills must be old but is surely appreciative.Now it’s our turn to improvise those skills according to today’s society and follow the right path.As a public speaker I surely consider Hitler’s tactics,now it’s up to you whether you want to use them or not in a good way.

Published by Swetha

I am currently pursuing my B.E. in computer science and really into reading and writing.Currently working on building up one's communication skills,helping people know about Business English and it's use especially in India.

63 thoughts on “Learn public speaking skills from Adolf Hitler.

  1. Very nice explanation about public speaking Swetha.There is ground rule to public speaking i.e. “If you want to become a good speaker then you have to be good listener”. Regarding my personal experience before any presentation or delivering any lecture if you are highly well versed with the Topics and revised the speech many times then take control over audience would be easy. Also the choice of words,tone, humour, volume, audience comfort is also important.last but not least citing examples from your personel experience is generally inspiring and motivating to audience.Once again it’s informative post and thanks for following me and visiting my site.🌹🌹🌹

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    1. Well said Prakaash..practice makes a man perfect and it implies to all..the more we practice the more issues we have with speaking and our nervousness will go away…I totally agree with all your tips and points and on the basis of the topic we speak our body language and words we choose should change.
      I am so glad that I found an amazing blog of yours… totally will keep supporting you and thanks for stopping by😃😃😊

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  2. Dear swetha,

    Enlightening post. Its true we must learn from our enemies.

    The example of Hitler was that of A Bad Man with a Great Quality.

    If only our Good People had such a oratorical capacity, Earth would have become heaven.

    My example of a great speaker is Mahatma Gandhi. My teachers told me that people would sit drenching in rain, for more than 2 hours, if mahatma was speaking.

    Great speakers energize/evoke the subconscious instincts of humans.. They rouse and put fire into their emotions..

    Like all rats followed the Pied Piper, people will flock around them.

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    1. Thanks a lot Sang😊
      It’s true that old is gold.People those days had no internet or any classes to teach them how to speak…. it’s always been their own knowledge and experience and on that basis they spoke and delivered a speech.
      Mahatma Gandhi was and is a great example for all of us on how one should live a life following the right path.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your points and for supporting me.
      Stay safe and happy blogging my dear friend😃😊

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  3. An interesting post indeed. I can equate with your line of thought, but here’s another one for you to think about. One of Hitler’s adversaries was Winston Churchill who once said something to the effect that ” It takes courage to stand up and speak, but it also takes courage to sit down and listen” – and how true is that?

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    1. I often wonder how people of that time were so brainy enough to play with words so easily which actually made so sense,each quote they said is still stuck on people’s mind..it’s hard to find talent like that nowadays…
      The way they express their thoughts is so fascinating..thanks for such a good quote and thanks for stopping by my post😊😊😃

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  4. An excellent post. May I say, in my humble opinion,Hitler’s deputy, Goebbels, was an even better orator. Surprised, are you? Should you know German,try getting hold of his speeches. Even at the fag end of the war, when everything was lost, he could rouse the Germans with his oratory.

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    1. Thanks for sharing ….you got me interested in history much more.
      By just reading your comment I want to know more about Goebbels speeches now.
      Thanks for stopping by😃😊😊

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  5. Pretty controversial. No question, Hitler could persuade—no matter how wrong-headed the ideas. We are kind of stuck in the States with our own version of Hitler. He gets his crowds riled up, while not really saying much of anything. Anyway, very well written piece. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I just wonder how good it would be if Hitler with such awesome skills fought for humanity and peace rather than showing so much aggression and brainwashing…
      Hitler made an impact on his crowd no matter whether he spoke few words or gave an entire speech just that skills he had weren’t used by him in a good way
      Thanks to you for stopping by😊

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  6. Wow, I would have never thought about learning public speaking from Hitler.
    The points you make are valid ones. As a former pastor I would go over and over my Sunday messages. When I stood in the pulpit I also never had notes.
    As a musician I always needed to feel that I connected to those who were listening. They were the barometer of how well I was doing.

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    1. I am so glad you agree with me and liked my points.
      It’s awesome to know that you too never carried any notes as it showcases your dedication and it’s a symbol for a good public speaker if he/she knows their speech and speak from their heart.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your experience and thoughts.Keep up your good work!
      Stay safe and happy blogging 😃😊

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    1. Thank you so much for your support and yes indeed his skills are remarkable..
      I strongly believe knowledge is everywhere we just need an eye to know it and grab it.
      Again thanks for relating with and liking my post.
      Happy blogging my friend 😊

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  7. Dans cette comédie, l’acteur doit bien maitriser les 5 sens, voire le 6ème. La Respiration doit passer dans les 2 narines à un débit équilibré et maximal. En parlant, au début de la prise de parole, il faut parfaitement prononcer les syllabes et intonations parfaitement posées. Cela s’apprend.
    Dans un discours, le début, le milieu, la fin. Cela se travaille avec le gestuel, comme un Chef d’orchestre.
    Cette méthodologie doit être maîtrisée.

    Si les efforts sont bien placés, c’est bien parti pour obtenir une sorte d’hypnose.

    Dans tous les métiers des efforts sont à produire.

    La méthode de Johnny Hallyday était toujours la même, préparée avec soin. Les choix des membres de l’équipe très important.

    Un autre exemple : Maître George Dillman, extraordinaire dans son art, exercé à l’international.

    Les bons acteurs ne sortent pas, par hasard, du lot commun.

    Vous avez raison de prendre un bon sujet. C’est toujours utile d’observer les éléments, faits en présence afin de poser une sorte de diagnostic comparatif, une analyse du cas.

    On pourrait en parler pendant des temps infinis : prendre des sujets, décortiquer, analyser, synthétiser.

    Un bon sujet. Bravo !

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  8. just finding this now Sweatha. Sad in the hands of cons what can happen to a country and the sadness of destructiom ande despair. Sifting out the cults can be hard for people as we see so clearly everyday.

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    1. Very true.. we can’t even imagine what people would have suffered during that time.One should never misuse their skills like He did…
      Anyway thanks Cindy for stopping by😀

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  9. This is interesting history. Public speaking is very important as the newer generations text and email and well working from home is more of that! It makes it difficult if you don’t practice speaking with others. Thank you for sharing the history of public speaking and tips!

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    1. I’m so glad that you liked my post..
      Totally agreed my cousin sister who is 5 years old operates my phone better than me😂😂😂
      Upcoming generation is exposed to technology at such a young age that they just forget who is around them and later the medium of contacting each other for them is only through phones or their laptops which can never beat up the real person to person conversation we have.
      Thanks to you for stopping by 😄

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