Importance of Listening Skills by Catherine Brophy (Guest Post)

Hey guys, how are y’all I know I’m late as I always upload within two to three days but have been so crazy busy lately due to my college work, assignments and stuff but here I am again with an amazing post. I know I have not done any guest post but you guys I’mContinue reading “Importance of Listening Skills by Catherine Brophy (Guest Post)”

Learn public speaking skills from Adolf Hitler.

One day I was wondering from where did Business English and public speaking originated? When I researched about public speakers and its origination I found out public speaking is not something new in the society.From the ancient period,during the reign of Kings and Queens,all the ministers in their court were renowned public speakers.Each one ofContinue reading “Learn public speaking skills from Adolf Hitler.”

Starting your life as a content writer having no idea on how to attract your readers?

Hello everyone!!! Hope you all are pink of health!!! So this post was specially requested from my blog friend Aarush who is a upcoming talented blogger and if you haven’t checked out his blog go to and show some support and love. I am pretty sure we all have been in this situation whereContinue reading “Starting your life as a content writer having no idea on how to attract your readers?”


It feels so amazing to get nominated for such a precious award which was created to spread peace,love and happiness along with a precious concept of saving environment.Two amazing bloggers nominated me for this award and for all the readers out there,you guys should surely go and check out their blogs- Kamal’s Blogging Cafe IContinue reading “GREAT ACHIEVER “महासिद्धी” BLOGGER AWARD!!”

Listening skills are a part of Business English!

Many tend to have no idea about something known as listening skills in Business English.If you are planning on giving a Business English examination then it’s a must to master this skill and trust me its not as easy as it seems to be.Not only for people who are preparing for exams but also theseContinue reading “Listening skills are a part of Business English!”

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