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Importance of Listening Skills by Catherine Brophy (Guest Post)

Hey guys, how are y’all I know I’m late as I always upload within two to three days but have been so crazy busy lately due to my college work, assignments and stuff but here I am again with an amazing post. I know I have not done any guest post but you guys I’m telling y’all I’m so addicted to the story by Catherine which actually happened in her life for real that showcases the importance of the listening skills as I have mentioned in one of my posts earlier. So go to and check out her amazing blogs. Okay I wont take more time and lets hop into the awesome article shared by Catherine.

Catherine worked with E.N.T. Zambia, a voluntary group providing ear, nose and throat treatment in rural Zambia. She is an audiologist. They worked in clinics, schools, churches, anywhere they could find electricity. A local nurse organised patients, the ENT surgeon treated them in a mobile clinic and Catherine tested hearing.

The very first day she set up her audiometer in the sacristy of a mission church. Her specialty is children and most of the kids she saw that suffered from conditions that they could treat. As the last patient left and she packed up, satisfied with a good day’s work. A young man put his head round the door.

Some women going home from the clinic

“May I speak with you madame?”

“Of course” she replied.

He was tall, lithe and impossibly handsome. She had seen him working in the church grounds and talking to the priest .

“I have a serious problem Madame,” he said, “Father Joseph said that perhaps you could help me.”

“Certainly if I can” she replied.

“I have a problem with hearing” he started sharing his problem and Catherine started examining and inquiring him about his issue.

“Outside I can hear everything but at home I cannot hear. It gives my wife great concern.”

Nothing about him suggested a hearing problem. No cock of the ear, no frown, no problem hearing her. But there many oddities in hearing problems. It needed a proper test to be sure. Catherine started unpacking her equipment again.

His hearing was normal. It was better than normal. She did a speech test. Standing six feet behind, she asked unexpected questions in the quietest voice possible. He heard, understood and answered everything perfectly. He even heard when a rackety car revved up outside the window.

“When you’re at home with your wife,” she asked, “can you hear the sound of your wife’s voice?”

“Oh yes I hear her voice” he replied.

“When you hear her voice what are you thinking about?” she asked.

“I am thinking about my goats, about my work for the Father, about my friend who is sick, many things” was replied by him.


Now she knew what the problem was.

There were two parts to hearing, she explained. The first part is when the sound goes into your ear and up to your brain. That first part is hearing.

The second part is when your brain understands the sound. That part is called listening. It is like electricity. The wires bring the electricity to your home, but if you don’t turn on the switch the light won’t come on. So when your wife speaks you have to turn on your brain. This is how you do it.

1 You stop thinking about goats, and work, and friends

2. Look at your wife

3 Pay attention to what she is saying

If you do those three things you will hear, you will listen and you will know exactly what she is saying.

“That is most interesting.” he said “Thank you Madame, my wife will be very pleased to learn this information.”

And off he went with a smile and a wave. She packed up happily thinking that not only she helped some children but maybe she also saved a marriage.

Wise knowledge contribution Catherine and I’m so glad to have a friend like you. Reading your awesome experiences and learning from them is so fun and amazing. Hope so you guys loved this post too and I’ll see y’all in the next post. Take care, stay safe and keep sharing your knowledge.


My First Presentation(part 2)

As I have already mentioned the first part of the”TRAGEDY” that happened to me at such a young age let’s get in the other and the final part for which you guys have been waiting for so long.

So I finally knew there was no way back and have to now face my problem and I’m telling y’all I was a brave child okay, although I knew I would mess up the parts which was supposed to be done by the rude leader girl I said to myself “do or die in the Marathi teacher’s hands” and obviously I went for presenting the slides. I stood in front of everyone and didn’t dare to look at my Marathi teacher even once. I started my presentation by ” Hello everyone” and heard my Marathi teacher’s loud voice saying”HAAAAAAAAA…. YOU HAD BREAKFAST, SO TALK HIGH” I mean who says “TALK HIGH” to a kid that to in such a loud voice in front of the entire class but obviously entire class was laughing at the situation and I was more scared to present any further now. But I didn’t back off okay and went like”HELLO EVERYONE TODAY I’M GOING TO PRESENT ON……..” and BOOM! I forgot the topic itself.

I looked at the slide to see the topic and heard few kids giggling at the back. I knew my Marathi teacher would be giving me all scary looks but still I don’t now why I dared to look at her reaction knowing how bad reactions she would be giving. So here I go trying to again introduce the topic by saying ” Today I’m presenting on how to avoid procrastination?” We especially chose this topic because we knew whatever we had to speak there would be coming from our own experiences so even if we forget lines we would be able manage everything just by talking on our experiences and what we do to stay focus. So I presented mine and my friend’s slides and now that I think of it may be I did good till here I guess, I mean as it was my first presentation I did look once or twice at slides whenever I forgot something to say but overall it was good. I very well know I didn’t make any eye contact with audience or teachers and kept talking by looking at the wall in front of me which might have looked weird…… but anyways that was me presenting for first time you guys.

After finishing the last slide I created, now I had to present the rude leader girl’s slides about which I had no idea of. I went to my English teacher and tried explaining her about my situation but the Marathi teacher was like “GO PRESENT” I politely tried explaining her too but she repeated ” GO PRESENT!!!!” I knew if I talked more in front of her she would start shouting badly in front of everyone so I went back to present. Now I don’t remember much you guys but I know that at that time I was literally reading each line from the slide and then explaining in short about the content and also to hide my mistake of reading everything and presenting I finished of every slide by telling my short experience and how the tips helped me to avoid procrastination which was a stupid idea but my both teachers kept quiet as no one else explained using their experiences and stuff except me. Thank goodness that the leader girl had only 3 slides created. Somehow I winded up everything, said thank you in a low voice and rushed back to my seat. I did see my English teacher giving me a pity smile like she knew how tired and nervous I was feeling then I looked up at my Marathi teacher who was having no expression on her face.

Later when I asked my friends about my presentation and how I presented, they clearly said that none of them paid attention. They all were busy revising their lines. So all the work and effort I did was a complete waste but I cannot complain as I was doing the same thing and didn’t pay attention to any one presenting before me. That day I learned 4 most beautiful things that I should do in my life and they are as follows-

  1. Never depend on others, especially when your teammates hate you, do once read their slides so that whenever they are absent for presentation, you won’t mess up.
  2. Always share a bond with your colleagues/classmates, you may have a point in life where you have to work with them in future.
  3. There will always be someone who will scare you like hell just to show their power like my Marathi teacher so avoid them completely and follow your own path. Wish I had used my brain a little bit and completely ignored her then I wouldn’t have gone blank and forgot the topic itself.
  4. Do pay attention when others are presenting, learning stuff at last moments will not help you and if you look at others who are presenting at least you’ll get and idea on how to present and also can avoid doing the mistakes that they did.

Anyways keep working hard guys and surely success will come knocking at your door and I hope you all enjoyed and learned something from my experience and also I hope you guys learn from your experiences and mistakes too.

See y’all in the next post!! Stay safe, healthy and happy everyone!!

Won the award!!!!

Making communication easy wins its first award and trust me the feeling is beautiful. First of all huge thanks to Kamal for nominating me for the Great Achiever Mahasidhi blogger Award from where this all started. Kamal himself is the founder of this award and when I received the message from him that I won this award I couldn’t believe in the beginning you guys but later was screaming with happiness.

To have this precious award which was created to spread love, peace and awareness for protecting and saving environment is a great feeling and this has become true only because of you guys as you have supported me a lot for so long, so thanks to you all. For those who have yet not visited Kamal’s blog do go and check out his blogs on Also to  participate in Decode PROXY visit to know in detail about it and the motto and also to register yourself in this prestigious community. It is important to save and protect our Mother Nature so guys do try to spend a little bit of your time for creating awareness on saving nature and helping others. Once again thanks to everyone for always supporting my blog and for showing so much love.

My first Presentation!(PART 1)

Most of the time it’s easy to learn from someone’s experience rather than reading a bunch of articles.So here I am today to share my first presentation that I gave and trust me it isn’t a very happy memory,in fact a very embarrassing moment of my entire life time but still I think I should share it with y’all …..but why? you’ll know soon.

I was in my 7th grade when just 1 week before my semester exams my English teacher was like “Students, as you have your exams next week I want to conduct your “practical exam” after 2 days from now.Make a presentation on any topic as it will be your first time doing a presentation and the marks allocated will be out of 20″. She legit didn’t even think that we have to prepare for our exams neither she thought that it will be our first presentation so we needed time to prepare.But we kids were scared like to go against her so we kept quiet as our marks were in her hands.She divided us into a team of 3 members and my luck being as bad as always I had the class leader in my team.(she hated me..I don’t know why till today…may be because I didn’t vote for her during class election or may be because I didn’t take her in the school dance group,she didn’t know to dance ….or may be because I forgot to give chocolate on my birthday-we used to give chocolates to only close friends…anyways I have no idea what I did wrong ) The second member in my team was my friend but she hated English and was only interested in sports.So before itself she made it clear the she’ll help in making slides but won’t be present on the day of presentation, that means I had to present her slides but as she was one of my closest friends I agreed to help her.

The next day we all met at my friend’s house and the leader girl kept taunting me that how inappropriate and “low class” my slides were and so on but I managed to just completely ignore her.We all were done merging our slides into 1 PPT and just had to remember the content that we were going to speak on.It was strictly ordered from our teacher that we weren’t supposed to look at the slides and read from it because as we all know that’s not the right way to give a presentation.

Finally the day came,I was done with preparing not only mine but also my friend’s slides.My English teacher entered the class but she also brought a gift for us. My “MARATHI TEACHER” was there too and I’m telling y’all in all the north Indian schools, they all have this one Marathi teacher who is super strict,doesn’t hesitate before slapping,beating up children,always takes out their frustration on kids,they are basically very cruel but that’s their style of bringing students on right track.I mean that is what they always told us so…anyways coming back to my tragic life story….they both entered and all students were shook some were even thinking to not present out of fear,but we had no option so gradually one by one each team started presenting.I honestly didn’t pay attention on them neither in what comments they were getting from our teachers as I was busy recalling my speech and stuff.

I was in team 8 and team 7 was presenting now so I thought to just look once how they are presenting.It was a team of 3 boys who had no interest in presenting and was there to only have fun.Their topic was”WHY SCHOOL’S SHOULD BE BANNED?” As soon as everyone saw this topic we all were cheering,laughing,English teacher was enjoying,Marathi teacher looked like she is going to eat kids alive.Now my Marathi teacher wasn’t good in English but it was a rule in school that all teachers and students were only allowed to converse in English.So she started shouting on boys and was like”you rude boys.STAND UP FOR THE BENCH”

I heard this line and was like Hell yeah! leave preparing for presentation,I wasn’t going to miss this awesome conversation and actually everyone left whatever they were doing that time and was enjoying the show.The boys who were presenting obviously felt very cool as all the girls were giggling and looking at them so one of them continued their show by saying “Why Ma’am,I WON’T STAND UP FOR THE BENCH.” Hearing this my English teacher who was controlling her laugh busted laughing so hard,everyone were enjoying but my Marathi teacher was furious.She got up,went to the boy and started twisting his ears so bad that his face was all turning red.We all knew that she has started her attacks so we kept quiet and the guys weren’t allowed to present any further.She did made them “STAND UP FOR THE LAST BENCH” and called upon the next team which was MY team and by now I was pretty sure I forgot whatever I prepared because that show the boys were putting on went for like 15 mins.

Eventually I came forward and told the teacher that my friend was absent as she had fever.My English teacher was like “Oh, so you are going to present alone today” and I was like “NO, I do have another member in my team” and stated looking for the rude leader girl.My Marathi teacher from back shouted “YOU STUPID मुलगी/mulgi” which means girl,she continued “YOU KNOW ZERO,WHERE CAN OTHER GIRL IS” by this time I was like is she going to make me also STAND UP FOR THE BENCH.

My English teacher interrupted her by saying the leader girl called her before and said she wont be coming today as her grandparents are not well and she has to take care of them.HELL NO,I legit saw her Grandma before coming to school that morning who was going for a walk in the nearby park.The leader girl took it so far just to put me in trouble,she even didn’t think once that she’ll loose 20 marks.

So there was me standing in front of my angry Marathi teacher who thought I was so dumb to not even know where my team members are, in front of my English teacher who told me to present all the slides even the slides of the stupid leader girl which I had no idea about and in front of a class of 60 students who all were looking at me as if I was a specie from different planet.

That’s it for today guys I’ll continue the story about what next happened in the next post.Stick around to look into the main MASALA of the tragedy that happened to me.


Let’s talk Business!!

Life often will put us in such an awkward and weird situation where we usually don’t have any idea about what to talk or which kind of words to use.Like let’s say when a person you know is very sad,crying in front of you and it’s normal for people to go blank,many of us don’t know what to say and how to comfort them,neither can we keep quiet nor can we say that we understand their problem as most of the time we have no idea of what the person is going through.Similar situations might occur in our work field where the words that leave our mouth should be chosen wisely.Few examples are here as follows:-

When your colleague has just finished a presentation terribly and your Boss asks you to give your feedback on the presentation in front of everyone?

How awkward a situation like this will be especially if you are a fresher.Of course you wouldn’t like to sound rude and make your colleague hate you and also if you lie,it will create a very bad impression in front your boss.So what you should do in a situation like this?My tip is to go easy by not sounding rude but also don’t lie.You can simply tell your colleague that he/she did good but can surely do better. Do point out the mistakes or points that made the presentation look bad and give your suggestions that might help your colleague in future.An answer like this will be acceptable and might sound as if your helping your colleague so he/she might not get hurt by your words.Giving feedback is an art,it should be genuine but not rude.

Your presentation was awesome and everyone loved it but your Boss being in a bad mood says that he hates it

It’s really awful if you don’t get any appreciation in fact if you get bad comments after doing an awesome job.Your boss can be moody at times and can make wrong judgement but they are the”BOSS” so you cannot go directly and be like”Dude you are rude so shut up” although I know your heart must be uttering more “beautiful” words for your boss at such times.To handle a situation like this I suggest you that please don’t prove yourself correct in front of everyone(it might hurt your Boss and his/her ego).Just simply say you’ll try hard next time to meet your boss’s expectations and company’s standards but when your boss is alone read his face expression and if it seems like he is in an Okay-ish mood go to him and keep your points.Do tell him the key points in your presentation because most likely he wouldn’t have paid attention before.Mostly this would help and would save you time from doing the presentation again.

Stuck in elevator with a higher official?

A situation like this might not only make you nervous but if you opted for remaining quiet it might become awkward between you and that person.Let’s say your stuck with the CEO of the company and he might not know who you are so at situation like this many tend to start introduce themselves,blabber their achievements and stuff but forget to look if the person is interested in what your speaking or not.He/she might be busy thinking about a meeting or must be having a bad day so at situation like this no matter what you say,you might ruin his/her mood.Just greet the person while entering the elevator and read his/her expression first.Make a quick eye contact and see if he/she is in good mood or not and then start speaking.You can start by introducing yourself first then congratulate him/her for recent success achieved by him/her,then if the person seem interested grab the opportunity and talk about the department your working in,recent achievements and so on.Think twice before speaking and even if your nervous don’t show it.

NOTE: Usually a fresher might think a lot before talking to a colleague or a higher official,some might also research deeply on what,how and when to talk also some might by heart lines before speaking but make sure if you are learning lines to sound formal and classy don’t let the person figure it out.You should not sound as if your delivering a speech and never be stiff while talking.I personally suggest to speak from your heart and handle a situation by using your brain rather than copying from others and messing up.Don’t forget you’ll learn better from your own mistakes but also avoid making many mistakes.Keep it short and simple.


Hello my beautiful blog friends!!!! you guys and WordPress never cease to surprise me.Few minutes back I got this amazing notification and not kidding I was jumping around everywhere like a little kid with happiness.Thanks a lot you guys..I can’t tell y’all how happy you guys make me by showing so much love and support.

I promise y’all I’ll come up with more amazing content in my blog so stick around and keep supporting me. Once again thanks to all the readers out guys are amazing and never let your “amazingness” fade away.

Starting your life as a content writer having no idea on how to attract your readers?

Hello everyone!!! Hope you all are pink of health!!! So this post was specially requested from my blog friend Aarush who is a upcoming talented blogger and if you haven’t checked out his blog go to and show some support and love. I am pretty sure we all have been in this situation where we were new to blogging and stuff having no idea what to do in order to make our blog attractive.So here are few tips that might help someone who is new to blogging and content writing-

  1. As I always say your heading is your first impression so see to that your heading is so perfect that it will force people to read your post.A headline analyzer will surely help you so got to and type your heading. It will show a round up percentage on how many readers will be attracted by your heading and see to it that your heading at least gets more than 25%

2. Images are an important factor, no matter your blog is about poetry or fashion or anything else,see to it that you add beautiful,colorful pictures to your post.It’s even better if you have photography skills so you can add the pictures you took which will attract more readers but for people like me who have no idea about photography and stuff Google is always there to help us.Images always make your blog look pretty.

3. Length of your post matters, if you recently started blogging then please do not post very lengthy articles because many people tend to get bored and actually won’t read the entire article.You can make different parts of your article and publish it separately rather than mixing up everything in one post.

4. It’s always good to publish frequently so that when someone is visiting your blog they have an idea about the topics you post on.Now it doesn’t mean that you have to post everything in one day and then have nothing else to post later on. Just make sure to post an article everyday in the beginning or at least in the alternate days.

5. Do add relative tags to your post.Let’s say when someone is searching about a brand and you have tagged your post with that brand name then your post will surely show up and thus your blog will be noticed by people easily.

6. You have to make your connections by having friendly post,greeting your readers in the beginning of your post,liking and commenting on other blogs and make your blog noticeable.If you follow someone do not expect every time to get followed back.As I have said in previous post too we content writers have to be patient always.If you are a blogger who writes formal content like me then in many of our post we cannot use very fancy,cool words so just make sure to add a writer’s note at end.Now this note can be informal,can consist of few keywords on the basis of the article you are going to publish and try making this note friendly so that the readers won’t get bored. Do try promoting your blog in various social media platform.

That’s it for today guys and I hope I helped you Aarush and also other bloggers who are reading this post.If you guys want me to make any special post clarifying your doubts I’ll be very happy to help y’all. You can comment down below about any doubts you have or can mail me.Thanks for reading and I’ll meet y’all in the next post!


It feels so amazing to get nominated for such a precious award which was created to spread peace,love and happiness along with a precious concept of saving environment.Two amazing bloggers nominated me for this award and for all the readers out there,you guys should surely go and check out their blogs-

Kamal’s Blogging Cafe

I got first nominated by Kamal who is actually the founder of this awesome award.As I said before and repeating it again an awesome blogger like him who has posted so many beautiful and motivational stories and poems in his blog is worth a visit so do check out his blog on and I promise you guys you won’t regret it! He has been supporting and motivating me for such a long time and I am so glad to have a blog friend like him so thanks again for nominating me and inspiring me from the beginning.

Coffee & Me

Christine Lucero nominated me for this award and I am telling y’all I just can’t get enough of her posts.She pours her thoughts in her blog in such a way that everything she describes in her blog looks so fascinating and beautiful. Her poetry is so amazing and the one that I love the most is “The butterfly” so you guys should do visit and support this awesome blogger on . She is so friendly and a lovely person that I’m glad that I made a blog friend like her so please do visit her blog.

Rules & Regulations:

1. Thank the person who nominated you, with a link to their blog.
2. Make a Post of the Award with a Statement on Concept of PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT as above. And Tag your post with the #greatachiever.
3. Mention the rules and regulations.
4. Ask 7 questions of your choice. One of the question most include about “PEACE” and one for “SAVE Environment”.
5. Nominate at least 7 fellow bloggers or more to 21 bloggers and notify them.
6. Follow @kamalsbloggingcafe ( to secure certification as a badge to get a chance of collecting badge of GAMBA WORDPRESS SHINING STAR AWARD for PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT. For more details visit

Answering to Kamal’s lovely questions:

1. How can you be a good blogger as a member of WordPress Global Village?

The only way I can think is by being true.Being true and honest towards other bloggers, towards myself is something would make not only me but any other blogger can be a good blogger in this way.

2. Could you please define a word “PEACE” from your point of view?

Peace is an amazing feeling that you get when you know that you are doing the right thing.Following your heart but by being on a right path is something that will keep you at ease,happy and comfortable and that’s when you can call yourself a a peaceful person.

3. How can we save a tree?

When I was in school, our teachers took us on a trip to a nearby village where we all had so much fun and at the end of the trip we planted a tree and came back.We often went there and planted more trees,so according to me my school was successful in spreading awareness not only among us but also to those villagers, our parents and many people nearby.Thus spreading more and more awareness would help us to save tree more.

4. Do you think human trafficking is still a crosscutting issue?

According to me yes.

5. What thing do you sacrifice to make a happy family environment?

I think sacrificing a little bit of “me time” is worth to make a happy family environment which I follow.

6. Which animal do you like most? Why?

All of them. I love all the animals because they all are cute in their own way.

7. What do you think about the journalist or youtubers?

These people are doing amazing job which is not at all easy but still they work hard for us so thanks to all of them!

8. Does a movie-star play a vital role to aware most of the people around the world or just they present their performance to earn money?

It’s really good and appreciative if a star is only playing a role to spread awareness but isn’t it also understandable that if they are doing a job then they must be doing it to earn money for their family and give them a comfortable life? They choose a role if their heart says a yes! but it would be really great if they spread awareness through their acting skills and also earn enough to live a happy life but everyone don’t get such beautiful opportunities right?

Answering to Christine’s lovely questions:

1.How do you view our environment?
Environment and Nature is the most amazing creation of God that each one of us must enjoy and take care of.
2.In your own opinion, why do you think others just gave up on helping save the environment?
Everyone got so busy in their life and started running behind money more that they hardly have time for themselves so spending time for saving environment has become a big no for people.Spending a little time on weekends with family and planting trees will not only save environment but also increase family bond right?
3.In today’s time, what issues about the absence of peace concern you? and why?
I understand nowadays people are busy in their professional life and many of us get so pressurized that peace is just a word we know but no one actually is peaceful.The thing that concerns me is people loose the main thing in their life “Happiness” If you are not happy then what’s the point of earning money by working so hard? we are only happy when we have peace.
4.How do you attain peace within yourself?
I spend more time with my family, sharing my pain and happiness,which helps me to loose some stress in my life and makes me more happy.
5.What quote can you relate in the topic ‘Saving the environment’? and why did you choose that quote?
We get a a lot from this nature and until and unless we save it,we humans will have a comfortable life.“He that plants trees loves others besides himself” is my favorite quote as the person who thinks of entire human kind will only take care of our earth.
6.Is overpopulation still a pressing issue today concerning the environment? Why do you think so?
Yes. Over population demands more from environment and thus to satisfy that many of us keep destroying our nature.
7.In your own way, how would you be able to help in spreading the awareness in Peace and Saving the Environment?
Start from spreading awareness among your family,relatives and friends and ask them to spread awareness among their closed one’s. Even if one of them supports in saving environment it would be useful right?

My questions to all the lovely bloggers:

1.How can we take care of our Mother Earth?

2.How can we spread happiness and peace?

3.What is that one thing we humans do that exploits our environment the most?

4.What is the best way you think that government can follow to save environment?

5.Are you an environmentalist?

6.If yes what inspired you to be an environmentalist?

7.What would you like to tell your followers regarding the topic of saving wildlife and nature?

Thank you everyone for being patient with me and reading my post. Also I am nominating all the amazing bloggers out there for this amazing award. Thanks everyone for supporting me always and stay safe and happy!

Listening skills are a part of Business English!

Many tend to have no idea about something known as listening skills in Business English.If you are planning on giving a Business English examination then it’s a must to master this skill and trust me its not as easy as it seems to be.Not only for people who are preparing for exams but also these skills will help us in our day to day life.

What exactly are listening skills?

When first this topic was introduced to us many of us took it so lightly that I have seen people failing their exams only because they lacked this skill.You must have always seen people saying that be a good listener.So what does a good listener do? Does the person just have to keep quiet when someone else is talking and that’s it? Do you think this much will be enough to make yourself a good listener? NO

A good listener is someone who doesn’t only listens to other’s but also stays attentive throughout the conversation. You must know what the other person spoke about and all the key points so that when it’s your turn to share your ideas it would be related to the topic.

How is this skill going to help you professionally?

Just imagine your boss asked you to take the minutes of a meeting and you are all set but as the meeting goes on it’s normal for the beginners to get bored and deviate from the topic and gradually you’ll miss certain points in the minutes.This creates a bad impression among your officials and do you think this would have happened if you were good in your listening skills?

Not only fluent English and communication skills are important but also you should master your listening skills and the only way you can master it is by being attentive.There are going to be many situations where only your listening skills would be needed to help you like when a client is making any changes you have to be good in listening and noting down all the changes because if you go on asking the client to repeat again and again it’s going to show how inattentive you are and the client might get irritated too.

How to master these skills?

When I was getting trained for Listening skills in Business English,my trainer used to give us a set of questions and before we read them he used to recite a paragraph.Later when he finished reading we used to answer those questions on the basis of the paragraph he read before. Now what you can also do is there are many websites who train for free in a similar way.You just have to pay attention when the reading of a para or a conversation between some people is taking place and later on answer questions wisely.A trick is to always remember key points of the article been read as most of the time while answering questions it will help you.


As you all have seen this title…yes it’s true…finally 200 followers and I’m so happy.I know it’s absolutely unbelievable as I just posted 4 days back about having 100 followers and today this happened and I’m so out of words.I can’t express how happy I am and this is because of you guys so thanks a lot!!!!

Our journey till now has been so beautiful and hope so it goes on more beautifully. Stay safe,healthy and happy everyone and keep supporting me!!! Once again thanks to everyone for so much love and support.