What is communication?what are it’s important factors?

The standard definition of communication which is well renowned all over world is that the process of sending and recieving information . But is this all about communication? The answer is no. Communication has it’s own types and factors which are necessary to be known and understood so that one can present his/her ideas productively.

Let’s first know the types of communication.

1. Verbal- this mainly consist of communication established on basis of speaking with each other. It also includes sign languages.

2. Non-verbal- this is a way of communication in which a person expresses his or her feelings or ideas mainly via facial expressions.

3. Written- when views or any type of data is transformed by letters,emails,or in any written format then it comes under this category.

4. Visual- many schools nowadays use projectors to present slideshows for better explanation of certain topics to students whereas it is very well known that art and photos can express many ideas too ,so such types of communication based on visual format comes in this category.

Important factor to communicate.

Communication is totally based on EEE and that is effective, efficient, effortless.

The most important tip to improve the communication skill

Effective-People have this common thinking that if they use big terms or if they speak alot,very fast then they would be able to transfer their ideas effectively which is wrong. Effective itself means that no matter what you are talking it should put an effect on person who is listening. Make sure what you are saying is understood to everyone and the tone in which you speak should be calm not in a very high pitch.

Efficient- while giving a presentation in any official sector or even in schools the main point should be considered that your points delivered to the listener should give efficient idea about topic your delivering. Only efficient points is mentioned because if you give a speech which does not cover all the points in given time then the listener would be left with half knowledge. Even if there is no time limit and you elaborate alot then there is a chance that listener might get confused. Always keep it short and sweet.

Effortless-Nowadays in most of the business sector the language used is English. Even if a person is not fluent in it and just has a basic idea of speaking skill than it’s enough to deliver a proper speech. The only thing is that one should never put pressure on each and every word while talking. Avoid using very tough words which can make you nervous when you pronounce them. The fear of pronouncing wrong starts panicking a person which results in stress and effort on every word that clearly show’s how you are uncomfortable while talking in that particular language. Your uncomfortness will be shown in your voice and that will make the listener less interested in listening to you.

The basic tip is to follow the EEE to avoid mistakes while communicating.

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